The only way to sleep comfortably in a seat!

Sleep-N-Seat suspends your arms across your chest for optimal support and comfort! 

No more fighting over the armrest on airplanes, trains, and buses, Sleep-N-Seat provides all the support you need! 

Sleep-N-Seat offers resting support for your forearms, elbows, and your wrists!


Before Sleep-N-Seat, sitting for long or short periods of time becomes uncomfortable and your arms become restless, such as during a long flight or a train commute across town.

Sleep-N-Seat folds up nice and small, and can be carried in a purse or back pocket. You'll never have to sit uncomfortable again!

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Sleep-N-Seat offers more uses along with sleeping and resting.  With Sleep-N-Seat, you can...


  • Play video games more comfortably

  • Read books without tiring from holding the book's weight

  • Sleep-N-Seat maximizes your comfort without invading the space of others.

  • With Sleep-N-Seat, a cramped seating arrangement no longer has to be awkward or uncomfortable.

  • Sleep-N-Seat works great in movie theaters, stadiums, buses, planes, trains, subways, computer stations, on the couch or in a recliner. The possibilities are endless!

  • And work on a computer or laptop like never before! 

  • Conduct your email on your phone or tablet easier